Premier Sock Tape 7.5cms Pro-Wrap

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The P.S.T. Pro Wrap 7.5cms

Product benefits and technical specification –

*Higher thread count and adhesion quality than any other tape.

*Can secure the shin guard directly to the leg under the sock.

*Adhesive free and non-marking.

*Designed to give unrivalled hold.

*Extra wide “no cut” for a better fit and feel.

*Secures the shin guard to the leg over the sock.

*Available in 19 colours to match most socks.

The PST Pro Wrap 7.5cms has been designed with total player comfort and hold in mind. It is currently being worn by many Premier League clubs including Swansea City F.C. , Leicester City F.C. , Stoke City F.C. Norwich City F.C. Liverpool F.C and WBA amongst others.

Having to make adjustments to your shin guards and socks while playing should now be a thing of the past with the comfort and hold of the extra wide 7.5cms Pro Wrap.

Once you have tried the PST Pro Wrap 7.5cms you will soon understand why it has become the favourite choice of so many professional teams.

Worn at numerous Premier League, Championship and Football League Clubs , International Sides and Champions League teams.

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