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 We have created the perfect gift-set for the footballer in your home.

Our packs have been designed to give you a full overview of the Premier Sock Tape range, many footballer's have their own personal preference when it comes to how they look and also how they secure their shinpads on the football field.

Our gift packs will allow the user to tweak and experiment with different taping products and try different styles just like the pro's.

Some players prefer to wear our Extra Stretch PVC products which comes in both a 19mm and 38mm. Many PST customers are now opting to look like the professional players by choosing our Pro Wrap products which are seen on the television every weekend in the Premier League.

Contents of the gift pack- 
1 x 19mm Extra Stretch PVC (as worn by David De Gea)
1 x 38mm Extra Stretch PVC Shinguard retainer tape
1 x 5cm Pro Wrap
1 x 7.5cm Pro Wrap (as worn in the Premier League)
1 x PST Pro Underwrap
1 x PST Crewe Sock (as worn by the England team)

1 x PST Pro Sock Leg 
1 x PST Snood/Neckwarmer

*You will receive all the products in the colour you order , for example if you order a "White Pack" you will receive 1 x 19mm White , 1 x 38mm White , 1 x 5cm Pro Wrap White and so on.

*While Stocks Last*